Best Brochure Maker to Create SEO-Friendly Brochures for Marketers

With the development of technology, more and more marketers have kept the pace of the trend and turned their marketing strategy to the digital brochures. For the readers, digital brochure is more portable and interesting. For the marketers, digital brochure as a new and modern marketing mode is more competitive than the traditional paper one. Well, undoubtedly, it is not difficult for marketers to create a beautiful digital brochure. But if you want to create a SEO-friendly brochure, it is not an easy thing actually. And for most of the marketers, a SEO-friendly brochure is extremely important which has been considered an effective way to promote the business.

So you may have the question that how to make a search engine optimization brochure awhat kind of digital software would make a contribution to your operation, right? Don’t be disturbed by these stupid things. Now AnyFlip brochure maker would offer you the best solution.

AnyFlip is an easy-to-use digital brochure maker designed for both publishers and marketers to create their unique digital brochure. It is famous with its multiple powerful features such as creating SEO-friendly brochures, Google Analytics integration, supporting HTML5 output etc.

Edit and Customize SEO-friendly Brochures

No matter whether you are a beginner or a professional marketer, you can use this awesome application to create page flipping brochures from PDF files. Meanwhile, you can also take great advantages of its special feature that you can edit your brochure’s information including giving a title, making a description, setting keywords, customizing category and label, which will make your flipbooks more friendly to search engines (Chrome, Bing, firefox, IE, Safari etc) and help you get more reverse traffic. Besides, you can add external links to any pages of your brochures to connect your products and website, so when the net surfers search you brochure, they would easily find your products and websites by clicking the links.

Best Brochure Maker to Create SEO-Friendly Brochures for Marketers

Integrate with Google Analytics

A digital brochure that can be indexed by search engine is definitely helpful for marketers to promote your products and develope your business. At the same time, you also need to know more about your readers, so that you can make a better marketing strategy. With AnyFlip brochure maker, you are able to use Google Analytics to track your reader’s behaviors like the duration time, the number of readers, the number of pageviews, the clicked links, times to click on links and more. Just copy your Google Analytics ID and then paste it in the Google Analytics setting column, and you will learn the performance of your brochure from the data. The in-time analytical data exactly can help you quickly make an effective plan to fit to your marketing strategy.

Best Brochure Maker to Create SEO-Friendly Brochures for Marketers

Publish digital brochure in HTML Format

Another attractive feature from AnyFlip is its multiple distribution channels. With this solution, you are able to publish your page flipping digital brochures in a variety of formats including HTML, EXE, ZIP, Apple APP, ZIP, Burn to CD/DVD, Plugin for WordPress, Joomal and Drupal. In order to create a digital brochure for search engine optimization, it is better for you to publish your brochure in HTML format. Actually, after you publish your brochure in HTML format, your readers can easily view your items on different devices online/offline. It is truly beneficial for the marketers.

Best Brochure Maker to Create SEO-Friendly Brochures for Marketers

I’m so glad that I have found this wonderful software, and I hope my readers are too. You can download AnyFlip program for a try and make full use of its feature, it will help to market your business completely.

Top 3 Free Digital Magazine Makers for Designer and Publisher

Digital publication, a new option to present contents and express ideas, is quite popular between the people. It helps you get rid of the boring paper book and truly brings the readers a lot of interest and convenience. Whatever you want to publish, it can meet all your need. Meanwhile, the great look and multiple platforms access can also help to get more attentions.

Although there are thousands of digital publication tools on the market, many digital magazine designers and publishers are still confused with their standard one. To get a better solution, here top 3 free digital magazine makers would be listed to help them achieve success in their work.

AnyFlip- Best Free Magazine Maker (Strongly Recommended)

AnyFlip is a powerful and versatile solution, and helps designers and publishers in a good way: it provides sufficient capabilities for PDF, MS Office, Open Office and image conversion and sharing. Both desktop and online versions are freely offered to create stunning magazines.


● Everyone has the ability to have a free try with desktop version.

● Completely self create page flipping digital magazine with a variety of pre-designed       templates, themes and scenes.

● Pages can be flipped automatically, create realistic and responsive reading experience.

● Multimedia elements allow being embedded to the digital contents.

● Create stunning magazine easily searched by popular engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

● All the created magazines can be social on leading social networks.

● All the digital items are accessible to mobile reading online/offline

● Provides a new way to promote and sell products online.


● There will be watermark for the Trial Version.

● Have to upgrade to Pro account for the Password Protection.

Top 3 Free Digital Magazine Makers for Designer and Publisher


PubHTML5 is an all-in-one digital publishing solution designed for users to create and publish magazines, catalogs, brochures and more. It greatly changes the still traditional paper document, and turns them into enjoyable rich-media experience. Both designers and publishers can benefit from it.


● The program can be downloaded for free, and the desktop version can be upgraded at any time.

● Even the trial version can still let you enjoy many useful functions.

● A variety of publishing option offered to users.

● Support all leading PC & Tablet & Mobile platforms, including iOS, Android and Win8.


● Have to pay for money if you want to get more powerful features.

● Pages can’t be flipped automatically.

Top 3 Free Digital Magazine Makers for Designer and Publisher


Yudu provides a digital platform to quickly create search engine friendly page-flipping online magazines, eBooks and other digital contents. And, it also let you create your own personalized library to store and share contens.


● Freely upload PDF to create digital book, and allow download and print.

● Create digital magazines with rich-media and interactivity, and give readers the option of a HTML5 edition or app.


● Have to upgrade to Plus account if you want to add rich media

● Have to upgrade to Pro account if you want to publishing for iPad and iPhone reading.

Top 3 Free Digital Magazine Makers for Designer and Publisher

In final word

A powerful and professional tool is the key to the successful digital magazine. I hope these three kinds of magazine maker listed above can be really helpful for all of designers and publishers. Especially for AnyFlip this remarkable magazine maker, it would be the first one recommended to you.

AnyFlip-100% Free Flipbook Software to Edit and Custom a Gorgeous Flipbooks

Flipbook nowadays has been a new and fashionable method to display ideas and express thoughts. Instead of traditional PDF, flipbook is more portable and creative. It can not only make you convenient to read but also let you enjoy a great visual experience. With the rapid progress of technology, it is so easy to create a flipbook. But if you want to create a distinct and professional flipbook freely, it may be different. You may believe that more time and energy are definitely necessary in your operation, and more money would be spent in your designing software.How luckily, flipbook software AnyFlip would be beneficial for you.

Anyflip is popular free flipbook maker which can help to convert static PDF into engaging page-turning flipbooks in minutes. It endows you with the ability to quickly make your standard flipbooks without any codes, and provides multiple beautiful pre-designed templates and themes for book decorating. Besides, it enables you to custom different settings and to edit rich contents so that you can easily make a stylish flipbook. Most importantly, all of these are free for you.

Fast Load & Import PDF

With AnyFlip it’s just a piece of case to produce a flipbook. Choosing your destination PDF file, and then importing it into the program. Just in need of a few clicks, a stunning page-turning flipbook will be present in front of you. Meanwhile you can custom page quality settings as you want, including page settings, mobile page settings and PDF import settings. You can also set the page range as well. Besides, this all-in-one digital software serves to batch conversion that you easily create your digital flipbooks from multiple files at one time or merge multiple files into one.

AnyFlip-100% Free Flipbook Software to Edit and Custom a Gorgeous Flipbooks

Fully Customize the Look

AnyFlip flipbook software offers a professional way to customize the look and feel of a flipbook. First, many beautiful pre-designed templates and themes provided to change background and layout, which can help to decorate a fresh and stylish flipbook, and the different scenes are for bringing flash animation effect to book. Additionally, you are able to customize design settings easily. For Instance, you can customize logo, toolbar, background settings, page number, page shadow, font settings etc. All of these functional settings will make your flipbook look and feel more gorgeous.

AnyFlip-100% Free Flipbook Software to Edit and Custom a Gorgeous Flipbooks

Edit Rich Contents

Rich contents are truly can make your flipbook to be eye-catching. Thanks to the Edit Pages from AnyFlip, you are able to edit rich contents quickly as you expect. With Edit Pager, you can insert a variety of wonderful media into the pages of your book like movie, videos, audios, buttons, photo gallery, dynamic text, links etc. It could serve to improve the performance of your flipbooks.

AnyFlip-100% Free Flipbook Software to Edit and Custom a Gorgeous Flipbooks

Generally speaking, Creating is a compressive matter. When you want to start your flipbook deign, it is better for you to choose your standard digital solution first. If you were still confused with your flipbook software, AnyFlip this powerful and economical program is definitely a good choice for you.